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Specialized IV Infusion Services

SunCoast Premier Medical -  - Internal Medicine

SunCoast Premier Medical

Internists located in Next to the Fitness CF, Clermont, FL & Davenport, FL

SunCoast provides IV therapy for our patients in the comfort of our office.  The intravenous therapy is the quickest way to deliver vital fluids, vitamins, electrolytes, and medications to the body, to restore peak hydration and support the immune system.

How does IV Therapy Work?

IV catheters are inserted into a patient’s vein by one of our qualify medical team members with a needle that is removed once the catheter is placed. IV tubing and fluid/medication is then attached to catheter, which then infuse the fluids into a patient’s vein.

What is the purpose of Intravenous Therapy (IV)?

Your provider may see a need for you to receive much needed infusion therapy.  We provide on-site therapy in our office. practice providers IV services for our patient.  This is used to sustain patients who are unable to take substances orally or the need to have medication absorption much quicker

Does IV therapy hurt?

Many Americans have a fear of needles, and everyone’s tolerance to pain is different. However, most patients barely feel the placement of a standard IV. Our providers will pre-treat the skin with a very cold spray to numb the area and minimize any discomfort. If the IV starts to hurt during infusion, the clinician should be notified.


What types of Intravenous Therapy are Provided?

  • Iron Replacement
  • Weight Therapies
  • Electrolytes Therapy
  • Various Antibiotic Therapies
  • Various nutrients Therapies for weight loss and athletes

Your provider will be happy to discuss your needs.

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