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Internal Medicine

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SunCoast Premier Medical

Internists located in Clermont, FL & Davenport, FL

Internal medicine is the heart of most care plans, which is why Mario R. Perez, MD, Oleg Merges, MD, and the staff at SunCoast Premier Medical in Clermont and Davenport, Florida, take a proactive approach with their patients. Through the internal medicine service, Dr. Perez offers primary care with complete wellness assessments and nutritional therapy. He conducts diagnostic testing and treats patients with traumatic injuries, as well. In fact, the office is open to those suffering from everything from the common cold to severe pain.

Internal Medicine Q & A

What is Primary Care?

As a primary care provider, Dr. Perez focuses on:

  • Prevention
  • Evaluation
  • Treatment

It's a holistic approach to medical care that treats the body as a whole instead of focusing on just one particular problem. As your primary care physician, Dr. Perez coordinates all medical treatment. He is like the quarterback handing out plays to other medical professionals and overseeing any treatments necessary to keep each of his patients healthy.

What are Diagnostic Testing Features Available at SunCoast Premier Medical?

Dr. Perez, with the help of his highly trained staff, does comprehensive evaluations that may include diagnostic tests. Some commonly ordered tests include:

  • Laboratory testing such as a CBC or thyroid panel
  • Allergy testing
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound

Any one of these tests provides valuable information about your general health and welfare.

What are Some Common Reasons to Order an Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds create images using sound waves. This makes it a valuable assessment tool for a variety of conditions. Dr. Perez might order an ultrasound of your neck, for example, to determine the level of risk of a stroke. A thyroid ultrasound can detect enlargement of the gland or lesions that signify disease. Some of the more common ultrasound tests include:

  • Cardiac
  • Abdominal
  • Pelvic
  • Vascular

SunCoast Premier Medical offers full digital ultrasound technology managed by certified sonographers to ensure patients get the best diagnostic testing available. An ultrasound is a pain-free procedure that takes just minutes to complete, and it’s one of the most effective tools available for the early disease detection.

What Kind of Nutritional Service Does SunCoast Premier Medical Offer?

As part of the internal medicine service, Dr. Perez provides patient education about the importance of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements. He is able to assess the dietary needs of each patient and prescribe quality, pharmacy-grade supplements or nutraceuticals to meet those needs. A nutraceutical is a pharmacy-grade nutrient taken to regulate the diet. He makes these choices after evaluating diagnostic tests to show key deficiencies such as vitamin B12 or D. The combination of wellness care, precision diagnostics, and dietary supplements is how Dr. Perez helps his patients:

  • Improve their energy levels
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Live higher-quality lives.

Accepted Insurance Providers

At SunCoast Premier Medical, most major insurances are accepted. For a complete list, please call our office before the scheduled appointment and speak with one of our knowledgable staff members to verify coverage.

Adventist Health
Assurant Health
Beech Street: PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Choice Care Network
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